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Learn To Fly 2

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Learn To Fly 2 is an addictive flash game which is very popular all over the world. This flash game is about emperor penguin who found an article on the internet about birds that can’t fly. He is very angry and wants to prove the world that penguins can fly. You mission is to help him with this task. You must buy some upgrades for the penguin to help him fly. There are several update categories in the shop, including the new wings, rocket fuel and various other tools that can make your flight more smooth.

About The Story Line Of The Game

At the beginning of the game you are suggested to watch a small animation about the story line of the game. You can watch it or skip, but I recommend you to watch. A big emperor penguin is browsing the internet and finds an article about birds that are not able to fly. Of course, penguins can't fly and our character begins to think how to fix this. He finds a really crazy way to make penguins fly - build big wings, use physics and engine to make the flights longer and higher.

How To Play

Even though that playing this game is really easy - you just have to use mouse and arrow keys, you must keep in mind several useful tips. Your primary mission is to buy all needed tools to improve the flight. You can buy those upgrades at the shop using in-game money. At the beginning of the game you don't have any money, so you must earn some by making a try to fly. Every time you make a try - the system calculates the height as well as duration of your flight and give money. Don't rush and spend all money to upgrade on tool. Try to upgrade all of them at a time.

Some More Facts About Learn To Fly 2

Even though that the game was released a few years ago, today a lot of people play it online. You should also know that the new version of the game is already available at our website - it is about helping penguins reach the moon. I am sure that you will enjoy it. Have fun playing the full version of Learn To Fly 2 at our website